Giovanni Motta

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Giovanni Motta


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Giovanni Motta earned his Master of Science and PhD degrees at the Institute of Statistics in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). His research is about non-parametric methods for multivariate time series. His work lies at the intersection of Multivariate Analysis, Non-stationary time series, and Nonparametric Statistics. Dr. Motta has developed and applied dynamic non-stationary factor models to Neuroscience and Financial time series. He is currently applying these skills and methods to Neuroimaging: EEG, fMRI, and Optical Imaging Data from open scalp, particularly looking at spatio-temporal changes in cerebral hemodynamics. The main task of his project within the Anillo program in Mechanobiology of Development is to cluster cells according to their shapes, their migration patterns, and their time-varying dynamics.